Bariatric Bad Girls Club - BBGC

Dallas, TX - 2012 Walk from Obesity

Bariatric Bad Girls Club - BBGC


Initially - the goal was $5000 for Team BBGC. We reached that. I bumped it up a little.

A little more.

It's now Tuesday night before I leave for the event in Dallas, and I am bumping the GOAL to TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.

It's a long shot - but - you never know.

We need your help to reach our fundraising and participation goal! Please join our team or make a donation today. "Every Step Counts!" With your help we can be one step closer to making a difference.

Any contribution will help the work of the ASMBS Foundation and Obesity Action Coalition and all donations are tax deductible.

Bariatric Bad Girls Club

Melting Mama

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Quick Stats

$7,139.63 Raised
27 Participants

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